Clove Tree Hill Villas


Boreh Making

A Balinese Boreh is a centuries-old healing recipe of herbs and exotic spices traditionally used as a “body revival” in the form of a mask or scrub. Learn how to make these aromatic body pastes to heal your body naturally.

Coconut Oil Making

Join in with local ladies and learn the traditional method for extracting oil from the coconut flesh to use and take home with you. (subject to your country’s custom laws, of course!)

Offering Making

Learn the traditional art of Balinese offering and decoration making with Ibu Wayan. Offerings are used in Balinese ceremonies all year round. You will learn a variety of traditional techniques that you can do at home to create beautiful table decorations.

Local Traditional Ceremonies

Hinduism is very strong in Bali. Throughout the year, colourful ceremonies take place in temples all over the island. If you wish to take part, you can join one of the many ceremonies taking place in our nearby village. One of our staff will help you to dress appropriately according[…]

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